Concept: "suicide" installation, by Ravi Rajcoomar

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ravi Rajcoomar's SPAN project proposal is an installation commenting on a painful social issue. He explains:

Suicide is a worldwide problem that seems to have no end. Some people take their own lives with hate, then you have terrorists who do it to kill others, and some do it to solve their problems. In recent years there have been many suicides and suicide attempts in Suriname — this is maybe one of the countries with the most suicides. It happens all over the country, but especially in Nickerie.

Everybody keeps talking about this. It got me thinking about what I could do as an artist to get people to reconsider their thoughts of suicide. My idea is to create an installation to encourage discussion.

It will be large box made out of triplex safety glass, with human silhouettes cut out, so you can easily walk through. More silhouetted figures will hang from the roof above. The interior walls will be covered with text, accompanied by a sound installation. The exterior will be bare white.


Marieke Visser said...

When I interviewed Ravi Rajcoomar for the book Paramaribo SPAN, he was in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, while I was in Paramaribo, Suriname. We corresponded via Internet. One of Ravi's quotes: ‘The power of reality lies beneath the mask’. It startled me because to me it seemed to be a very clear answer to Deepak Chopra's quote which at that time concluded each of my e-mails: ‘We have the power to make reality. Why make it inside boundaries when the boundless is so near?’ It seems to me that wearing masks is a way to stay within boundaries.