Concept: Tipple Box, by Ken Doorson

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ken Doorson's SPAN project proposal involves installing interactive sculptural objects on the streets of Paramaribo. He explains:

Recently the government decided to legalise prostitution in Paramaribo. My question is why? Is it because of the booming escort service business, and to earn extra national income by introducing a "tax for having sex"?

As you walk in the centre of Paramaribo at night, you encounter a lot of hookers at the corners of streets doing their routine. In the daily newspapers there are many advertisement for male and female prostitutes. I've heard that a lot of cybercafés have illegal small rooms upstairs where girls pose for webcams. Is this the new Internet hype in Paramaribo?

The location for the project will depend on the information I gather about this subject. Maybe in the new "tipple zone" [designated areas for legal prostitution] shown by the government? Or will I create a new tipple zone?

The Tipple Box is made of red plexiglas. It lights up for four or five seconds when you approach it at a distance of about five metres, triggered by a motion sensor. The idea is to catch the attention of the passenger or the spectator. The box represents the new tipple zone, and the artist's suggestion that this is a legal area for "tipping" — it’s not tax free!

Possible locations: Van Sommelsdijk bridge; Van Sommeldijkstraat; Watermolenstraat.